Schedule of Services and Fees

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Safe Deposit Boxes

We have various sizes of safe deposit boxes to meet your needs to keep your important documents and valuables safe.

Safe Deposit Box Sizes
XSm   $12.00/yr
Medium $30.00/yr
Small  $18.00/ yr
Med/Lg $40.00/yr
Large $50.00/yr
XLarge $75.00/yr
Lost Key - $30.00
Drill Box $90.00
  • All Safe Deposit Boxes are eligible for a $2.00 per year discount if automatic charge from your checking or savings account at ASB.

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Cashier’s Checks

We have Cashier’s Checks available to purchase at a minimal cost of $3.00 per check. 
Banclub Members  - No Charge

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Visa Prepaid Gift Card

VISA Gift cards not only make great gifts, but can be used for everyday purchases.  They can be purchased with values from $20 - $500 for a cost of $3.00 per card.
Banclub Members – No fee (not applicable to Travel Card & Access Card)

Travel Card / Access Card $5.00 per card & $4.95 Reload

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Wire Transfer

Incoming Wire Transfer Fee
Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee
International Incoming Fee
At Cost
International Outgoing Fee

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Faxes and Photo Copies

To help serve the needs of our community we offer Fax and Photo Copy services.
Grygla – Fax #218-294-6239                        Erskine – 218-687-2328

Copies                                     Please check with us as to the cost of copies
$1.00 per page (Incoming & Outgoing)
                                               Outgoing Toll Free – No Charge
                                               Intl. Faxes – Prices Vary– Customer will be billed $3.00/pg

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Night Deposit Service

For the times when the bank lobby is closed, we have a secure night depository located at the front entrance for you to make deposits and payments at your convenience.

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Overdraft Protection

We offer Overdraft Protection that allows transfers from one account at our bank to your checking account, helping you to avoid overdraft fees and protecting your credit rating.  Contact one of our employees to get signed up for this service.

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24-Hour Tele-Banking   1-888-615-1382

24-HR Phone Banking is convenient, simple to use, and completely confidential.  Your account information will be accurate as of the previous business day.  There are a variety of transactions available on this system.  For more information on how to set up telephone banking, contact one of our staff. 

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Shazam Check Card – Backed by Mastercard

American State Bank offers a Debit Card that works just like a check, only faster!  Use it wherever Mastercard is accepted, and avoid time-consuming check writing hassles.  For more information contact us for an application.

ATM Transfer – You may access your account by ATM using your American State Bank Check Card and personal identification number (PIN) to get cash withdrawals you’re your checking account.

  • You may withdraw no more than $200 per day for a maximum of three consecutive days.
  • There may be a charge per withdrawal at ATM’s we do not own or operate.

Point of Sale (POS) Transactions – You may access your checking account to purchase goods (in person or by phone), pay for services (in person or by phone), get cash from a merchant, if the merchant permits, or from a participating financial institution, and do anything that you can do with a credit card (that a participating merchant will accept with a credit card).

  • You may not exceed $500 in transactions per day (ATM + POS)

Fees                 Hot Card Service     $10.00
                        Replacement Card    $10.00

If lost or stolen call 1-800-383-8000

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U.S. Savings Bonds

U.S. Savings Bonds can be redeemed at American State Bank.  For more information on savings bonds, visit or you may call 1-800-4US BOND for the recorded rate.

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Miscellaneous Services & Fees

Check Cashing Non-Customers
Government Cks
No charge
Collection Services Customers
Coupon Collection
No charge
Stop Payments Banclub Customer $10.00
No charge
Overdrafts $25.00 each, Max of $100 / day
Returned Check Deposit   No charge
Account Balance Inquiry   No charge
Account Research    $25.00 / hour, Min. 1 hour
Telephone Transfer   No charge
Account Reconcilement   Bank employees can help you get started at no extra charge, but extensive help will be available at a charge of $25.00 / hour.
Coin Counting  (non-customer) $5.00 – no fee for ASB Customers
Notary Fees Customers
No charge
Night Deposit Bags   No charge

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Loan Service Fees

Irrevocable Letters of Credit
Construction Loan Origination Fee    1%
Real Estate Loan Origination Fee
All security documentation and recording charges will be charged to the borrower. 
Real Estate Partial Release Fee $75.00
Real Estate Extension Fee
Loan Administrative Fee
Loan Administrative Fee  $25.00 ( Loans under $6480)

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